Sunday, November 6, 2011

It was A Great Day Yesterday!

It felt so good to be at the table yesterday! 

I meet so many wonderful artisans who are creative and brave!  Why brave?  It takes a lot of courage to put your soul on display for all to see, to critique, to walk away from or to make their own by buying a piece.  We who create truly put ourselves on the table, for I am sure most would agree when I say that my being is in each piece I create.  I wonder if those who attend the sales realize that?  

I had the pleasure of meeting an amazing photographer and couldn't resist purchasing a photo.  Carly's personality radiated through our end of the room, warming up a very cold space...literally it was freezing in the hall!  She is passionate about her work, has a wonderful sense of humor and a brilliant point of view through the lens.  Check out her website and make some of her work your own.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable her beautiful work is.  Like Carly says..."Your home deserves presents too".  Love her!

I am the first to appreciate beautiful jewels when I see them, and let me tell you Ronda's pieces are special.  She has a design aesthetic that is brilliant.  I know how difficult it is to believe in your own work and how wonderful it feels to be recognized by someone else.  It's easy as an artist to be too close and far too critical of your own work and, this is where the bravery comes in - to still believe in your pieces when your show didn't get the reactions you were hoping for.  Take a moment to visit her shop and treat yourself to something special.

I didn't quite get the reaction I was hoping for from either show, but I still had fun, my sister met some inspiring people and my work met hundreds.  

If you attend a show, I hope you will think about the person who is sitting at that table and how hard they worked to produce those creations and that you will spend a brief moment at each table admiring what the artist is offering, even if it's not your style.

Speaking of...I need to get back to creating for this Saturday!



  1. Hi Shannon, it was nice meeting you Saturday (I'm the proud owner of your pretty rose earrings). I'm glad you enjoyed the show despite being cold and that the attendance was a bit slow.
    I just thought of some constructive feedback -- what if you displayed your jewellery on your vintage stands? If you clearly advertise them as jewellery or dessert stands (using fake cupcakes or something?) I think people would make that connection more easily. (As soon as you mentioned using them to store jewellery it clicked for me.)
    Anyways, loved your stuff! I will contact you about those stands, I'm still thinking about getting one for a gift!

  2. Brett...Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and share your thoughts...I really appreciate it! Funny you should say that about the stands as I was thinking the same thing that day and plan to stage the stands for my sale this Saturday. I am so happy you love the you know, I like my pieces to go to a good home! I will be at Hazeldean Community Center on Nov 19th and 20th if you decide on the stand. Shannon