Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Product!

I have been working on these handbags for several months now....I am quite pleased with the results!  I have always had a bag fetish, collecting not only everyday handbags since I was young, but I also own several beautiful and unique vintage bags that I like to use as decor.  I believe in starting the love of handbags when girls are little so I have made styles for them too!

What is interesting about my designs is that I have been inspired to create with up-cycled materials.  Take a closer look....

This all leather bag has been fashioned from  fine leather furnishing sample pieces, vintage leather clothing and a fabulous leather belt.

This little beauty is made from a little denim skirt.  You can't see the details here, but it has cute embroidered flower detail on both the front and back, a funky lining and an adjustable strap.

Another great bag made from a skirt.  The details of felted flowers and vintage trim make it special.  It also has a long strap that would allow it to be worn across the body.

This fun bag reminds me of a Jeannie Lottie number - she designs fabulous unique handbags that usually cost far above my budget, unless I luck out and find one at Winners.  This has been created from a little dress, has a silk lining, a vintage button detail and beaded fringe.  I would use this everyday, but you might enjoy this for a special occasion! 

Thanks for stopping by...Shannon

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