Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Glimpse of my Christmas Tree...

So, this is what my tree looks like this year....let's just say I wish I had photos of my tree last year.

Poor tree.  It's quite fun to jump and land on top of the branches.  The skirt has also made several trips around the tree as it's quite fun to tunnel through from the inside out, run and slide into and a fantastic place to hide toys.

It's difficult to catch them still in the tree because they really just jump in and out.

In our defense, we did use the water bottle method.  Not too successful as you can see.  Yesterday we just gave up.  I have decided that this year I wouldn't decorate.  For obvious reasons.  I want to have decorations next year!  In their defense, they are only 15 weeks old.  And it's a tree.  Inside.

Does this make us bad pet parents?

We don't care.  It's their Christmas too.

Really, I do a beautiful tree and if my previous year's photos weren't on my hard drive downstairs I would post them and show you!

Merry Christmas!

(Please excuse the lack of's on the list of "To Dos")

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