Monday, October 24, 2011

More Product - The Hair Accessory Section

Okay...let me start with a disclaimer: my earlier excitement about my photographic success might have been premature.  The pieces look like they are sitting on tinfoil.  The lighting is late afternoon so it changes with each shot.  Okay...I look at it this way - I can fool around attempting to take amazing shots of my pieces or I can live with what I have and spend my time making MORE pieces.  I am going with spending my time at what I am good at.  I am not a great photographer.  Anyway, the purpose of these photos is to entice you into coming to my sales.  I hope they do!

These are hair fascinators for little beans!
Hair Pin Fascinators for Anyone
Bobby Pins with semi precious stones attached...BTW...I discovered that Anthropologie sold pins just like these AFTER I created mine.

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