Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Thank you everyone for the great feedback on the pieces! I would appreciate it if you would pass the blog link on to your friends - unless of course you want to keep them out of the loop because you are buying presents....but think, you could also send your hubby/significant other the link with a wish list.  I know for most men the thought of going to a craft show is akin to having their chest waxed so I would be happy to make arrangements to meet them some other place; again just have them email me.

I had another thought too.  If you would like to order a custom piece just send me an email.  I can even take pieces you already have and remake them into something you might actually wear.  This idea might be a great gift thought for someone special.  

I have more jewelley and the bags are coming along....just need to take the photos.  Please follow my blog!  If you follow I think you get email updates...not really sure though.  


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